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we want to get LOST
welcome, all who are lost
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12th-Oct-2006 11:33 pm - 15 LOST icons
kate cute smile
15 LOST Icons from "Glass Ballerina"

follow the fake cut

possible spoilers for non americans....
5th-Jul-2006 06:10 pm - Evie & Lost Icons
kate cute smile
Star Wars x4 [1-4]
Evangeline Lilly x4 [5-8]
Kate x4 [9-12]
Lost x6 [13-18]

Denise Richards x5 [19-23]
Scarlett Johansson x4 [24-27]

~ ~

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28th-May-2006 06:45 pm(no subject)
Evangeline Lilly
Join dandee_layouts!

The rest can be found at dandee_layouts. If you like Emilie de Ravin and other celebrities, join dandee_layouts. We have lots of icons, headers, and layouts. :)
29th-Jan-2006 03:25 pm - 4 Evie Icons
kate cute smile
. .

#s 01-08: Icon Whore
#s 09-18: Photoshop Owns my Soul
#s 19-24: Jessica Biel
#s 25-28: Evangeline Lilly

Fake Cuts: only the best things EVER!
15th-Dec-2005 06:55 pm - too long to wait
i can't
we have
to wait
a month
for the

15th-Nov-2005 01:08 am - The French Chick.
I was just looking at pics from S1-E23 Exodus Part One, and it made me realise something. Did anyone notice how Scared Roussau looked when she first entered the camp? Imagine not just seeing one, but a whole group of poeple after 16 years of just you and "them"...
All i can say is that I have so much respect for that character. I would've done myself in many years ago had it been me...
What does everyone else think?
26th-Sep-2005 06:48 pm - #s
maybe everyone has seen this already - all about the numbers
just thought i would share if people haven't gotten to see that yet
21st-Sep-2005 10:42 pm - guys, where are we?
I just want to welcome everyone that chooses to join this community. I have high hopes that it will be successful, and there is so much to talk about with this show. I know we all have a million questions, which is what inspired me to start this community tonight after watching the premiere of Season 2.

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